North American Neuromodulation Society

Institute of Neuromodulation (ION)


ION Mission Statement

The Institute of Neuromodulation (ION) shall promote research and innovation to advance the field of Neuromodulation to improve health and quality of life for patients.


ION Vision Statement

  • Promote patient safety and appropriate access to neuromodulation therapies using the best evidence. 
  • Raise awareness of the benefits, cost-effectiveness and value of neuromodulation therapies.  
  • Improve the understanding of the mechanisms, expand the indications, and enhance the evidence base for neuromodulation therapies by supporting clinical, basic science and translational research.


Institute of Neuromodulation (ION) Bylaws

ION Leadership

Ali Rezai, MD- ION President

Director, Neurological Institute
Associate Dean, Neuroscience
Stanley D. and Joan H. Ross Chair in Neuromodulation
Professor of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience

Peter Konrad, MD PhD- ION Vice-President

Professor of Neurosurgery & Bio-engineering 
Vanderbilt Medical Center

Richard North, MD- ION Secretary/ Treasurer

Professor of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins (ret.)

Ashwini Sharan, MD- NANS Liason

Council of Advisors


Salim Hayek, MD PhD Konstantin Slavin, MD Steven Falowski, MD
Vibhor Krishna, MD
Lawrence Poree, MD PhD
Brian Kopell, MD


Robert Foreman, PhD
Pierre D'Haese, PhD
Joe Pancrazio, PhD

Lead Interface Committee

Clinical group
Richard North, MD (co-chair)
Pete Konrad, MD PhD (co-chair)
Konstantin Slavin, MD
Ashwini Sharan, MD
Parag Patil, MD PhD
Brian Kopell, MD
Chris Schade, MD PhD
Ben Pless
Jack Judy, PhD
Joe Pancrazio, PhD

Clinical Trial Design Standards Committee

The Clinical trial committee will uphold the mission of ION by promoting research and innovation to advance the field of Neuromodulation to improve health and quality of life for patients. This committee will stand in the capacity of ensuring quality standards in SCS neuromodulation for research and trial design.  It will ensure proper review of the technology and science to ensure future study designs will be of the highest clinical and cost-benefit merit to advance the field and ensure proper reimbursement by the healthcare system.

Brian Kopell, MD (co-chair)
Steve Falowski, MD 
Lawrence Poree , MD PhD
Nathaniel Katz, PhD
John Markman, MD
Richard North, MD
Rod Taylor, PhD
Salim Hayek, MD PhD
Vibhor Krishna, MD SM

Basic Science in Neuromodulation Committee

The ION has established the Basic Science in Neuromodulation Committee The points below highlight the charge that needs to be addressed by this committee.
Identify the problem:
What makes a discovery meaningful in Neuromodulation?
Applications that define of how the discovery creates Neuromodulation therapy?
Define 2-3 fundamental non-clinical procedures with end-points that need to be defined to publish and release discoveries in Neuromodulation
Action Items:
Meet and develop a roadmap that includes animal anatomical and physiological studies as well as modeling work.
Suggest that a primary goal will be to define “pain” by which Neuromodulation devices provide therapy. Examples include using sensors, identifying behavior changes, using genetic testing etc.
The ION is confident that this committee will advance the field of Neuromodulation. This committee plans to have conference calls and meet at least once a year in person at a most convenient location to address the charge of the committee.

Robert Foreman, PhD (co-chair)
Lawrence Poree, MD PhD (co-chair)
Julie Pilitsis, MD PhD
Yun Guan, MD PhD
Jeff Ardell, PhD
Lawrence Schramm, PhD



WIKISTIM is a searchable website created to 1) display primary clinical and experimental data reported in the neuromodulation literature in a format that is searchable and accessible, facilitates comparison and meta-analysis, and eliminates the “noise” of unnecessary narrative and 2) promote collaboration and sharing of information among clinicians, scientists, engineers, and others.

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