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President’s Message (Fall 2014)

Board Reviews Strategic Plan for Next 3–5 Years

David Kloth, MD

I hope you had an enjoyable summer. As we move into fall, I’d like to provide an update on some of the activities the NANS Board of Directors has been engaged in as well as provide you with an introduction to the 2014 NANS Annual Meeting.

In July, the board gathered for a 2-day meeting and strategic planning retreat. The meeting was very productive and allowed us the opportunity to chart the society’s future for the next 3-5 years. We also reviewed NANS’s existing initiatives and activities. Part of the meeting’s focus was to examine the progress that had been made since the last strategic planning meeting took place in October 2009 and reassess the objectives laid out at that time. We are pleased to say that we have been able to execute nearly every one of the objectives outlined in 2009. Building from these successes, the board worked to chart a course for the next several years that we hope will allow the organization to expand its reach.

Additional accomplishments from the July meeting included the formation of the NANS Industry Relations Council. The council is intended to help bridge the gap between industry and NANS and to create an ongoing dialog around issues confronting us that affect clinicians and industry collectively, beyond just advocacy. The council may establish a forum for discussion on developing coordinated efforts in areas such as a registry, clinical data collection guidelines, physician training, and credentialing. There also will be a focus on how industry and NANS can work together to face reimbursement challenges. More information regarding the council will be forthcoming.

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